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Want to start an amazing new business and team up with other like-minded entrepreneurs?


The journey of Jima started back in 1990 when Teligence (originally named Boulevard Media) was founded in Vancouver, Canada. As a private founder owner-operator business, and in true entrepreneurial fashion, the company operated from a home office but with great aspirations for growth.

Through hard work and strategic focus, rapid and sustainable expansion soon followed. Our US operations were launched in 1993, and the company continued to experience geographic growth across all of North America.

In 1994 Chromatic Software launched to provide leading-edge technology solutions in Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Enterprise Management Systems (EMS).

By 2001, we had become the largest private telco in North America. Our systems and networks handled 45 million minutes of phone traffic per month, with a Media Outreach that encompassed 150 local TV and cable stations; and 40,000 print ads in over 200 Newspapers and National Publications

In essence, we found ways to grow and operate in a market that had strict advertising and payment limitations. This gave us our foundation for successfully working in restrictive and regulated markets.

In 2004, our Founder, Rob Madigan won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the Pacific Region.

Following the rapid success of Teligence, the company started investing in small businesses with an internal incubator in 2015. Then in 2017 officially founded TCap Private Equity. TCAP focuses on working with subject matter experts who can benefit from People Operations, Legal, Finance, Operations and Technology support in addition to capital.

TCap has funded over 40 ventures, with the most notable being PixelUnion, and is currently operating 4 ventures, which includes Jima.

Launched in 2020, Jima has identified a niche opportunity within the highly regulated retail cannabis market. Combining the successful track record of the TCap team with dedicated industry expertise, the company started deploying its rapid expansion franchise and affiliate roadmap in 2021. This was further accelerated with its acquisition of the High Tea group, an Ontario based multi-unit retailer, in Q3 2021.

With a focus on true value provided to its partners, Jima is now rapidly expanding its brand footprint across North America.



If you’re looking to increase you chances of success as an operator and want to be part of our family, we have two unique offerings:

Franchise Partners

  • You’re looking to enter the market as a Jima branded franchise location

  • We’ll provide you will all the tools for success, including our industry leading JimaBrain

  • This includes end-to-end assistance with navigating the complex regulatory framework, commercial real estate, and then ongoing operations

  • You’ll have access to our robust Jima training program featuring all facets of operations in the retail cannabis environment

  • By joining Jima you receive marketing planning, coaching and help in the execution of your launch and beyond

  • To cap it all off, you’ll have the full backing and support of the Jima family, including your dedicated “Support Concierge”

Affiliate Partners

  • You’re an existing store operator looking for back-end help and support

  • You realize this is a tough industry and you’re not making as much money as you’d hoped

  • You want to focus on business development, but keep getting sucked into operations

  • You don’t need the Jima brand.... But you DO want access to all our industry leading backend services

Be a part of something bigger! Together we can accomplish much more than one.



Jeff Prete



Alex Read

Vice President


Sean Bruce-Hayes

Community Engagement


Sherman Leung

Head of Retail


Paul Joo

Director of Franchise Development


John Mella

Franchise Support

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Our Process


Step 1.  Reach out to us!
Step 2. You will be invited to join a weekly group “About Jima” call to discuss who we are and what we’re looking for.
Step 3. After our call, if Jima seems like the right fit for you, you will be sent an application and a market research package to complete including financial disclosures. 
Step 4. After the application is received we will conduct an initial interview by phone
Step 5. If everything goes well we will then proceed to a second interview in person, along with a comprehensive discovery day where you will be immersed in the Jima culture, meet the teams, and conduct site tours of our operations.
Step 6. If it's a mutual fit after the Discovery Day then we'll send you all the necessary documents to review (and sign) and get you officially welcomed into the Jima Family!


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